Ángel Rivas, FACE, 2017

Ángel Rivas, FACE, 2017
Ángel Rivas, FACE, 2017


“I am vegan and vipassana meditator artist, i work for a peacefull way of life for me and all the beings and i try to transmit this also in my paintings.

Painter, I work from the uncertainty and the pretense of nothing, just to express what emerges in each creative experience. I like to do something authentic, unique, original, fresh and new.

I am not interested only in the beautiful, I prefer the authentic, without filters, without prejudices or external influences.”

(from Artfinder.com)

Website: https://www.instagram.com/angel_rivas_art/

Date Acquired: 05/29/2018

Location Acquired: Artfinder.com

Type: Acrylic painting

Size: 6″x7″

Personal Connection: None. After my wife and separated, I was looking to art to cheer myself up, to add some color and life to my new home. This caught my eye, was inexpensive, and fit into the urban/street/graffiti style I enjoy.

Other artists from outside the US in my collection:

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