Lewis Rossignol, Remedial Sketches, 2018

Lewis Rossignol, Remedial Sketches, 2018

Biography: Lewi Rossignol is a Portland, Maine-based illustrator specializing in combining hand drawn and collaged imagery.

“I’ve had tics caused by Tourette Syndrome since I was young. The tics are cyclical, and can get really severe and debilitating, especially when I feel anxious. To me, anxiety feels like there’s all kinds of pressure built up inside of me, and the tics are my body’s way of releasing the pressure. I have discovered that while I’m drawing, my tics subside. It’s as if the pressure is being released through my pen instead of my face, and it’s such a relief.” (Artist note from the Etsy listing of  ‘1-of-A-Kind Limited Edition Book with Original Drawing Inside’

Website: https://www.lewisrossignolart.com/

Date Acquired: March 12, 2020

Location Acquired: Artist’s Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LewisRossignolArt

Type: Hardcover Book, #20/25, signed by artist and includes original mixed media drawing on two of the pages

Lewis Rossignol, Remedial Sketches, Original Drawing in Book, 2018

Size: 6.25″ x 9.25″

Personal Connection: I first saw Lewis’ art on a Anthony Bourdain poster being advertised, maybe on IG. I was fascinated by the messiness and in your face style of the piece, plus I was a huge fan of Bourdain, such a character he created for himself to inhabit. I looked up the artist, discovered it was Lewis, and started following him on IG. One thing led to another and I just felt I had to have one of his originals. Unfortunately, his originals are out of my price range, but I splurged to buy this book so I could at least have the original drawing inside as a start.

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