Wayne Cunningham, Untitled, 2014

Biography: “American artist, Wayne Cunningham is a self-proclaimed ‘Outsider Artist’ and tends to create his works from unconventional materials. He has been creating innovative and unique works of art for individuals and businesses in the tristate are for more than 25 years. After years of study and experimentation in the areas of pen & ink drawings, pastel silkscreens, black and white etchings, acrylic and watercolor paintings. Wayne has taken all of these mediums and combined them to create whimsical multimedia collages. These collages consist of layers and layers of all recycled materials: resulting in a truly one of a kind multi-dimensional piece of art, a bit like the artist himself. His artwork has been shown in a few recent Hollywood movies, and has been very popular in many galleries in NYC, NJ & PA. Wayne lives in Yardley, PA.” (from Mutual Art)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/hampil

Date Acquired: May 11, 2020

Location Acquired: Donny Malone Auctions via LiveAuctioneers.com

Type: Collage wrapped around stiff board (masonite?)

Size: 4.75″ x 7.5″

Personal Connection: None. I’m just a fan of collages. I saw Wayne’s name around the web and when this piece came up at a reasonable price, I acquired it. It’s unique in that there appears to be a front and back, with one side being more “finished” than the other. There is what appears to be initials consistent with other pieces of his and the year 2014 on what I would call the back of the piece. Not sure how or if this should be framed.

Other East Coast artists in my collection:

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