Owen Connell, Untitled triptych, 2018

Owen Connell, "Untitled" triptych, 2018


Owen is a Seattle native.  He earned his BFA in painting and printmaking at Montana State University.  Shortly after graduation, he returned to Seattle and opened Parlor F, a neighborhood staple for over 30 years.  In those years, Owen’s graphics, paintings, and tattoos have become well known locally and globally.  His art is known and recognized by its distinct, bold, and abstract style. (from the artist’s website)

Website: https://www.parlorf.com/

Date Acquired: 2018

Location Acquired: Directly from the artist via mail commission

Type: Mixed Media

Size: Various, approximately  6.25″ x 4.25″

Personal Connection: At one point in my life, I was considering a move to Seattle, Washington, mostly for a change of pace, to be near the Pacific again, and because the music there was crazily creative. I lived there for a month in the early 1990’s (can’t remember exactly when), but returned to Chicago to get divorced. Just before leaving there, I attended a gallery opening for an artist who painted abstract geometric shapes all aswirl with an identifiable object popping up here and there. I loved the pieces and told the artist, Owen, that they would make great tattoos. Turns out he was (and is) a tattoo artist and he inked a bracelet for me in the hours before I had to get on a plane. For years I thought about his artwork and, going through a second divorce, decided to do something nice for myself by buying some small artwork from him lo these many years later. No regrets.


Other West Coast artists in my collection:

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