Robert Saaf, Untitled, 1991

Robert Saaf


Born in Hartford, CT., grew up in West Hartford. The suburban countryside was surrounded by a diverse landscape alongside mountains and rivers. Spent every summer by the Southern Connecticut shoreline drawing and painting. Received a BFA in Painting and Drawing at The University of Connecticut. In galleries and private collections throughout Hartford, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, New York and Berlin. Now residing in Greenwich Village, New York City. Currently painting in a studio in Union Square. (*From the artist’s website)


Date Acquired: Unknown

Location acquired: Artist’s loft in Chicago, Illinois

Type: Painting

Size: 30″x40″ unframed, on stretched canvas

Personal Connection: Bob and I worked together at Utrecht Art Supply in Chicago, Illinois (along with Kevin Kurtz, another artist in my collection). He was the manager and I was one of the employees at the school supply store at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At some point, Bob had a party at his loft on the North side of the city. Memory fails me whether I purchased this painting or whether it was a gift from him. In any case, I’ve kept this painting ever since, through many moves.

Other Chicago artists in my collection:

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