My Art Hoard

Small as it is, my hoard is a reminder of different times in my life. I’m ashamed to say that at various times pieces of art were sold, given or thrown away, usually due to a move that involved a purge to make things easier (this is pre Marie Kondo if you can believe it). I still lament pieces that are gone – from artists such as Michael W. Kellner, Ellsworth Kelly, and Richard Anuszkewiecz, among others. Can you say young and dumb?

There’s no rhyme or reason to what I collect, though several themes are apparent to me: it has to move me, it has to be cheap, and, if possible, I like to have a personal connection. I’m trying to limit my budget to $100 per piece, but have gone higher on a few.  I wish I had money to buy all the things, but it’s not likely anytime soon, so pieces from Anselm Kiefer, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and others will never be seen in this collection, but I’ll buy what I can, when I can.

When I was studying art history at Loyola University in Chicago, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my degree. Open a gallery? Work at a museum? Be an artist myself? Yes to all but none of them came to fruition (well, I did work at the school store at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, so that was close). Whatever was to be, I just knew I loved art.

Visit The Collection Page to see all the pieces I have (or at least I’ve listed).

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